Basic Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training

  • Basic Training: 2 Years - 30 weeks/year - 4 hours/week
  • Each week: Theory Class, Technique Class, and Continuous Case Conference
  • Individual Supervision 1 session/week for 30 weeks

Special Note: CAPA classes meet during weekday mornings and students are required to travel in order to share video windows.  Students who work full-time, make agreements to work longer hours on different days so that they can attend CAPA's early morning sessions.  Here is a sample schedule!

  • 30 Individual supervision sessions
  • All training employs distance modalities
  • Downloadable reading lists: PDFs and PEPWEB
  • All students receive access to PEPWeb
  • Graduation Certificates from both CAPA and Chinese Psychological Society

apply here for the 2018-19 school year.